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My name is Paul Winghart and I built this site to inform, educate, and track an economic philosophy that I have come to call "Surplus Productivity". The idea is simple enough. The US economy is facing a surplus of productivity given the fact that its productivity is bottlenecked due to the lack of smart financial leverage available in the economy. You see, leverage is the main conduit in which productivity, or potential GDP, is transformed into something more kinetic. Without the appropriate leverage, current productivity remains in a largely static or inert state even as more productivity is accumulated.

Since productivity is the key component to an economy's potential, the actual growth in the economy will lag almost as if it is being dragged forward against its will.  That is why I call surplus productivity a force because it is a measure of mass (surplus) and acceleration (productivity). That is also why I call any economic disruptions during this phase of surplus productivity "processions". Not only does the "pro" stand for "productivity", a procession aptly describes the pace of economic growth these days: unrelentingly forward at a pace tremendously below potential.

The theory of surplus productivity is a product of Wing-O-Metrics, my personal educated spin on statistics and economics that enable me to pen daily updates on the fixed income markets, tweet significant finds, and build charts of economic data that I find particularly relevant.

After 15 years in the financial industry as an interest rate strategist, I know for a fact that independent thought is the best thought. It is through my logic that I have been fortunate enough to appear on TV, radio, and podcasts as well as present to students, professors, and business leaders. I have been publicly recognized for my work  (2011 & 2012 Financial Advisor/ Private Wealth Magazine's Due Diligence All-Star Team nomination) as well as published (2010, Municipal Finance Journal) and quoted in various National Publications.

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